Ebbes von Hei – our regional logo

Saarschleifenland is rich in regional products. Artisanal farmers, wine-growers or beekeepers produce a wide range of delicious food and beverages.  But which products are there exactly? Where can they be purchased? How can I enjoy these products as a holiday-maker? The answer to these questions is “Ebbes von Hei!”, i.e. “Something from here!”, the regional logo in Saarschleifenland.

The makers of local products and culinary establishments offering these same items on their menus have joined forces under this label. This means wherever it says “Ebbes von Hei” on it, regional products are guaranteed to be in it. They can be obtained directly from the producer, at farmers’ markets, from vending machines or from the Tourist Information Office (as of September 2017). Or you can visit one of the partner restaurants and order an “Ebbes von Hei” dish, which is guaranteed to have been made using regional products. There is a particularly extensive range of regional products during the numerous culinary initiatives in Saarschleifenland. The participating “Ebbes von Hei” establishments then demonstrate their entire creative skills in the use of these delicacies from fish and dandelion greens in the spring to potatoes and game in the autumn. Incidentally: “Ebbes von Hei” is not only available in Saarschleifenland. These regional products with this label can be enjoyed in the whole Saar-Hunsrück area between the Moselle, Saar and central Hunsrück. Bon appétit!