WanderWirt Saar-Hunsrück – the hiking-friendly establishments

The “Wanderwirte Saar-Hunsrück” are the vanguard of the hosts catering to the needs of hikers and ramblers in the Saarschleifenland. These hoteliers and restaurant owners combine hiking-friendly locations with the use of regional products in the kitchen.

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For one thing, these hiking-friendly hosts are certified according to the criteria of the German Hiking Association as “Quality hosts along Germany’s hiking trails”. This award is associated with a variety of hiking-friendly services such as staff with a very good knowledge of hiking, hiking maps and brochures on site or drying facilities for wet hiking gear. The criteria are uniform across Germany. For another thing, the Saar-Hunsrück Wanderwirte offer dishes made from regional products on their menus. They are prominently marked with the logo of the regional initiative “Ebbes von Hei!” (local dialect for “something from here”), the names of the producers of the meat, sausage, fish or cheese are provided and there is also an explanation of the product. The guesthouses and inns offer several regional dishes as well as various regional beverages. Both together, hiking-friendly businesses and regionality, result in the WanderWirt Saar-Hunsrück. A host to hikers and ramblers providing a particularly delicious and pleasurable experience.