It is pure bliss to feel the airstream blowing in your face and the gradual restoration of the balance between your body and soul. One thing is certain – you will not find crowds of people or congested roads in this area. What is really exciting is the landscape with its very high proportion of contiguous forest compared to the rest of Germany.


The tours are lined with attractions to suit all tastes and requirements. Flatter routes or ones with many slopes to pedal up, challenging, sweat-inducing tours or trips at a more leisurely pace, routes to satisfy the senses or cultural needs, there is something for every cyclist in Saarschleifenland. There are more than a dozen round-trip routes or paths running alongside rivers for you to explore the area from, for a truly adventurous experience. Stop off at the brewing pubs and inns to treat yourself to a drink after all that effort or soak up the history-charged atmosphere of the traces left behind by the Romans. And more than once you will catch a glimpse of the sun glinting off the Saar, as if it were waving to you from the landscape which it has formed so distinctively.