It is meanwhile a well-known fact that the people of Saarland know how to celebrate. And, in particular, these festivities are never short of culinary delights. However, Saarschleifenland offers a top-class range of cultural events as well. Many of them are so significant that they could be a reason for you to visit this region. Why not come and take a look?

Veranstaltungsmelder Saarschleifenland

Für Vereine, Gastronomie und weitere Veranstalter

Die Saarschleifenland Tourismus GmbH stellt einen Veranstaltungsmelder zur Verfügung, in den touristisch relevante Veranstaltungen im Landkreis Merzig-Wadern (Saarschleifenland) direkt vom Veranstalter eingestellt werden können.