Saar-Hunsrück-Steig for the sports minded

Hiking tour from Perl to Idar-Oberstein (14 days)

Variety is the spice of life! This perfectly matches the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig.

An unforgettable hiking trail stretching between the vineyards near Perl and the glittering gemstones in Idar-Oberstein will take you across the range of hills of the Hunsrück, through luscious green beech forests, scented spruce forests, bizarrely formed rocks and winding valleys. A place to rediscover the sounds of nature, restorative tranquility and a little “me time”.

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This is what awaits you:


Premium hiking tour of moderate difficulty. Alternating between trekking sections and trails on flat ground. Participants require a good level of fitness due to the many inclines and descents on some of the stages of the trail. You will stay at hiking-friendly hotels / guest houses / inns / youth hostels.

The stages of the hiking tour in detail:


Day 1: Arrival in Perl


Day 2: Perl - (Eft-)Hellendorf (approx. 20 km)

The hiking trail runs through the wine-growing location of Perl with its Baroque garden, through the nature conservation area Hammelsberg, past the Roman villa complex in Borg to Hellendorf.


Day 3: (Eft-)Hellendorf - Mettlach (approx. 19 km)

Along winding paths to the impressive view of the loop in the river Saar from the vantage point Cloef. From there over streams and rocks to Mettlach, a municipality famous for its ceramics.


Day 4: Mettlach - Britten (approx. 11-15 km)

Through the Saarhölzbach valley with its gurgling brooks and across vast hilly pastures to Britten.


Day 5: Britten - Losheim am See (approx. 12 km)

Through endless meadows to the ascent across the valley of Rotenbach, ending at the idyllically situated lake Losheimer See.

Day 6: Losheim - Weiskirchen (approx. 18 km)

Stunning, sprawling views as well as steep, stoney ascents and descents though an impressive rocky landscape to the health resort of Weiskirchen.

Day 7: Weiskirchen - Grimburg (approx. 19 km)

Through expansive woodland, partly of a primeval nature, up to the hilly pastures of the Hochwaldalm. Then across the craggy landscape of Wadrill to the high-lying castle grounds of Grimburg.

Day 8: Grimburg - Hermeskeil (approx. 20 km)

Through the natural Wadrill valley to the jetty in Kell am See. On paths with magnificent panoramic views across wild meadows and fields into the town of Hermeskeil.

Day 9: Hermeskeil – Neuhütten / Muhl (approx. 16 km)

Through the Forstelbach valley to the Prims dam in Nonnweiler and from there over the 10-metre-high parapets of the Celtic circular rampart near Otzenhausen, past old boundary stones at the crest of the Dollberg mountain to Neuhütten.

Day 10: Neuhütten / Muhl – Hunsrückhaus / Deuselbach (approx. 18 km)

Along grassy paths to the “Tiroler Stein”. From there, through deep forests over the highest mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate, Erbeskopf, to Hünsrückhaus (with transfer) or on to Deuselbach.

Day 11: Hunsrückhaus / Deuselbach – Morbach (approx. 14 km)

Walking along the soft forest floor, past two old railway viaducts with a view of the elevations above the Moselle to Morbach.

Day 12: Morbach – Kempfeld (approx. 18 km)

The route takes you across jetties through the raised marshes of Ortelsbruch, through the tranquil Idar Forest to Krahloch Geological Park. Then on to the Wildenburger Kopf mountain with its Celtic refuge fort and a 22-metre-high viewing tower.

Day 13: Kempfeld – Idar-Oberstein (approx. 20 km)

Through the impressive quartzite rivers of the Mürschieder Burr with a view right over the Palatinate until the hiking tour comes to an end at the Historical Weiherschleife, old water-powered sandstone grinding and buffing wheels for gemstones in Idar-Oberstein. From there into town by bus or a walk of around 4 km.


Day 14: Departure




    13 x overnight stays in rooms with shower/WC

    13 x invigorating breakfasts

    12 x packed lunches

    1 x Leporello hiking map "Saar-Hunsrück-Steig" (1:25.000), 1 map per group

    1 x Saar-Hunsrück-Steig hiking pin