Lodging Agreement

You can’t always get away from paragraphs and clauses even when you are on holiday. Particularly when it comes to reserving rooms, there are legal regulations to be met.

The room reservation or booking made by the guest and accepted by the lodging and hotel business results in the establishment of the so-called lodging agreement, which, as is the case with all contracts, must be observed by both contractual partners. According to the law and court decisions, it contains, among other things, the following rules: 
1. The lodging agreement is deemed concluded as soon as the room reservation has been accepted by the lodging and hotel business. 
2. The innkeeper/hotelier/landlord is obligated to make the reserved room available. Otherwise, he shall pay compensation to the guest.
3. The guest is obligated to effect payment of the price of the room agreed upon or customary in the business for the term of the contract. This applies even if the room is not utilised. In the event of non-utilisation, the expenses saved by the innkeeper as well as the proceeds from the rental of the room elsewhere are to be taken into account.
4. According to the principles of good faith, the landlord is required, wherever possible, to re-allocate any rooms which have not been utilised.
5. The company Saarschleifenland Tourismus GmbH only acts as an agent. An agreement comes into existence between the ordering party and the landlord in each case.